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Suffolk, VA

 (757) 539-2003
















Suffolk, VA

(757) 539-2003

RILLCO Inc. - location


RILLCO Inc. - Mission Statement

To provide a customer based service of quality workmanship in a timely and professional manner. To teach men and women the skills and the qualifications required to become heavy equipment operators in the field of construction.

RILLCO Inc. - Mission Statement

Septic tank installation, maintenance and servicing

Septic inspections for home owners and realtors on point of sale

Public Sewer Connection Conversion

Installation of Underground Utilities:

Sanitary sewer


Storm drain


Install and repair pumps for swallow wells

Home remodeling and room additions

Driveway Installation

Land Clearing

General Excavating



Grease traps servicing

General Contractor

RILLCO Inc. - Mission Statement


                    RILLCO Inc. - Master Electrician

  RILLCO Inc. - Mission Statement  
  • Gold Award 2007 - 2008 for Hampton Roads Sanitary District for outstanding Environmental Compliance Record

  • Silver Award for years 2003 - 2006 for Hampton Roads Sanitary District for outstanding Environmental Compliance Record

RILLCO Inc. - Mission Statement


Servicing southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina areas.

Visit the RILLCO Blog and share your septic tank or grease trap stories and for viable information from our staff on onsite systems.

Since 1972, Ronnie Ledbetter's business, RILLCO Inc. / Ledbetters Septic Tank, has served the community... (read more of this Installer Profile December 2007 feature article)

RILLCO Inc. - Installation and service of conventional and alternative systems


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