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Since 1972, Ronnie Ledbetter's business, RILLCO Inc. / Ledbetters Septic Tank, has served the community and supported Ronnie, his wife, Costellar, and their four children. RILLCO installs, repairs and maintains onsite systems in its area of Southeastern Virginia. Headquarters is in Suffolk, about 30 miles west of Virginia Beach and a little north of the North Carolina border.

Last year, Ledbetter's daughter, Rosalind Lacy, left her job as a computer analyst to join the family business. "I came out of a successful career in corporate America to take a family business to the next level," Lacy says.

She came onboard with a bachelor's degree in business administration and management, received in 2003. "The knowledge I acquired in school prepared me to be more beneficial to the company," she says. It's apparent that she took her direction from Ronnie Ledbetter's life compass.


Ledbetter views his company as more than a septic system and general contracting business. "Creating jobs is important, but more important is showing employees the rewards of leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurism," Ledbetter says.

"All of this happens through the subtleties of asking for employee input and insights while working through and solving on-the-job challenges." The business has brought countless employees into contact with his drive to better everyone's situation.

Diverse skills menu

Ledbetter holds a host of licenses in diverse and complementary fields. He is a master electrician, a licensed underground utility contractor, a licensed plumber, and a licensed onsite system installer.

In addition, several advanced technology manufacturers, including Delta Environmental Products, Orenco Systems Inc. and Clearstream Waste Water Systems have certified him to install their products. In the past, Ledbetter manufactured septic tanks. The general contracting business brings land clearing,


"Creating jobs is important, but more important is showing employees the rewards of leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurism."

general excavating and masonry skills to its menu of services. All told, the company's workload includes 50 percent new installations; the balance is repair, management and servicing of systems.

RILLCO has been in the pumping business since 1977. While contracts to service about two dozen holding tanks provide regular work, the pumping workload is heavily influenced by seasonal rainfall.

"We give our customers relief, and they are glad to see us arrive," Ledbetter says. He recalls a time where he needed a police escort to get his truck through the crowds at an event so that he could service the restrooms. The company also pumps grease traps.

The wide range of services lets the company serve diverse customer needs, and that keeps customers returning.


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