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 "We listen to our customers because they can tell us a lot about what is going on with their system," Ledbetter says. " That helps us diagnose the problems. Customers need to be listened to." While customers may not know exactly where their systems are, they clearly know how and whether they are performing.

Fine-tuning the vision

Ledbetter got into the onsite industry when he and a friend partnered to start the business. The friend did not care for the administrative side of the business, so the partnership dissolved and Ledbetter carried on.

Ledbetter constantly seeks continuing education, and his personal growth has led to business growth.

He encourages employees to expand their knowledge in formal and informal venues. He also uses his installation sites as on-the-job training for employees.

On jobsites, each employee is taught , nurtured, and valued. Not surprisingly, Ledbetter says, "Our jobsites have provided a training ground for many newly hired health department inspectors as well." He believes regulators and installers can and should learn from each other.


Rosalind Lacy's biggest challenge in her new career is learning to see things her dad's way. "I did not come onboard to change direction," she says. "I came to fine-tune, to tweak, to help us operate more efficiently, and to continue to grow the business."

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